As part of our long term vision to develop local suppliers and bring much needed small business support to under resourced communities, we introduce our Angels Resource Centres Social Franchise, Business e-Zone.  Our Franchises identify and develop local professionals in support of entrepreneurship and community development. 

Our Franchises are not available to purchase commercially.  They can only be established through Enterprise Development, Socio-economic Development or Corporate Social Investment programmes.

Standard Franchise Services

Business e-Zone Franchises offer the following core services, which is standard and compulsory for all Franchises:

All our Franchises participate in this Vodacom service, which was tailored for us by Vodacom to suit our rural entrepreneurship model.  This is not only an additional income opportunity for Franchisees, but a channel to provide data, airtime and basic devices for sale to the community.


Business registrations, Tax Clearances, BEE Affidavits, CSD Registrations,Business Bookkeeping, Payroll Services, Tax Returns


Logo Design, Web Design & Domain Registration, Banners, Signage, Flyers, Business Cards, Company Stationery, Posters


Typing, Scanning, Laminating, Photocopying, Printing, Email Facility, Courier & Postage Service


All Franchises are registered Intellimali merchants.  That means that any person who has an intellimali card, can purchase goods or pay for services at our Franchises. This fee-free debit card is also issued to entrepreneurs in our EDP and Recycling Angels programmes where we load earned or sponsored funds onto the cards.

Additional Franchise Services

Franchisees can pursue their own additional services and products to add value to their specific Franchise. Each area will differ in their offering to cater for specific community needs and identified gaps.