Business e-Zone centres are Social Franchises under the wings of a registered non-profit organisation, Angels Resource Centres

They are small, cost effective centres, easy to set up, and designed to become self-sustaining within a short period of time.  e-Zones support developing entrepreneurs, create jobs, and provide a wide variety of professional business development support services to the general public.

Located within convenient reach of a business centre, they serve as micro-incubators and support centres for community entrepreneurs.

When you support an e-Zone, you support local entrepreneurs and help us make positive, long term impact across the country.

Find and e-Zone near you

Northern Cape

De Aar :

Business e-Zone, Tech-Zone and e-Zone Mobile

Western Cape

Fish Hoek :

Business e-Zone and micro-incubator

SunnyAcres :

Business e-Zone, Coffee Zone and internet cafe

Is your company interested in launching a Business e-Zone and/or Tech-Zone as part of your Enterprise Development or Socio-Economic Development programme? Contact our National Franchise Manager, Denise Dookoo to discuss opportunities in your area.